The town is surrounded by lush jungles and stunning beaches, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. Playa Guiones, one of the main beaches in Nosara, draws surfers from around the world with its consistent waves and sandy shores.

Nosara has gained a reputation as a wellness destination, offering yoga retreats, meditation workshops, and holistic wellness centers. The serene environment and tranquil surroundings contribute to the town's soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

As a destination that values sustainable tourism, Nosara emphasizes eco-friendly practices and community involvement in environmental conservation. This commitment is reflected in the town's efforts to preserve its natural beauty and minimize its ecological footprint.

In addition to outdoor activities like surfing and yoga, visitors can explore Nosara's vibrant arts scene, enjoy local cuisine, and engage in adventurous pursuits such as horseback riding, canopy tours, and wildlife observation. In essence, Nosara is a coastal gem that caters to those seeking relaxation, outdoor adventure, and a holistic wellness experience. Its harmonious blend of nature, culture, and well-being makes it a unique destination on the Nicoya Peninsula.


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