Islita is a picturesque village nestled along the stunning coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Known for its idyllic beach, vibrant cultural scene, and commitment to sustainability, Punta Islita offers a unique and enriching destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and authentic experiences.

The village is set against a backdrop of lush tropical forests and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Its pristine beach, Playa Islita, invites visitors to bask in the sun, swim in the clear waters, and witness breathtaking sunsets. Punta Islita is renowned for its strong connection to the arts and culture. The village boasts an artist-in-residence program, fostering a creative atmosphere that reflects in its vibrant murals, sculptures, and local handicrafts.
Sustainability is a core value in Punta Islita, and the village takes pride in its eco-friendly initiatives. These efforts range from responsible waste management to community projects that support both local livelihoods and the preservation of the environment.
Visitors to Punta Islita can enjoy a variety of activities, including horseback riding, zip-lining through the canopy, birdwatching, and exploring nearby trails. The village's warm and welcoming community ensures that guests feel at home and connected to the local way of life. In summary, Punta Islita is a hidden coastal treasure that combines natural beauty, cultural richness, and a commitment to sustainability. It's a place where visitors can unwind, immerse themselves in artistic expression, and experience the genuine charm of the Nicoya Peninsula.