The objective of the Blue Flag at Playa Samara is to promote and maintain sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, and ecological awareness in this coastal area. ​

« We are a small local committee based in Playa Samara. Our aim is to enhance our efforts in terms of actions and awareness. We arrange activities such as tree planting, beach cleanups, and bottle cap collection. Additionally, we strongly encourage village residents to join us in every initiative we undertake. »

Planting trees

In partnership with Costas Verdes, we have launched a mangrove reforestation program in Playa Sámara. Throughout the year, we are organizing tree planting operations at various locations in Samara, in collaboration with our diverse community partners. ​ Planting trees to protect mangroves is vital for preserving coastal ecosystems, biodiversity, erosion control, storm defense, carbon capture, climate action, and planetary well-being.

Beach cleanup

Alongside volunteers, we have established a regular beach cleanup initiative. Across the entire stretch of the beach, in groups, we collect the waste washed ashore by the sea.

Collecting plastic caps 

Our future goal is to have a retractable boardwalk and amphibious chairs at Playa Sámara to provide support for people with disabilities. The initial step of this significant project is to start collecting plastic caps. ​

Waste cleanups offer numerous advantages, including preserving natural beauty, controlling pollution, raising awareness, building community bonds, enhancing visuals, and promoting sustainable habits. These efforts lead to tangible local improvements and broader pollution awareness.